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Welcome to the Chinese Watch Industry Wiki

Swiss watchmaking is an industry rich in history and steeped in lore. As a result, "Swiss Made" watches have come to enjoy a fine reputation and typically command high prices. But as labor costs continue to swell in western countries, increasingly sophisticated manufacturing industries are migrating to parts of the world where labor is less expensive; luxury goods manufacturing is no exception. The Swiss watch industry is ultimately in the business of making money, and as a result low-cost Asian manufacturing is increasingly being leveraged in its products. At the same time, Asian manufacturers are on the fast track to becoming as sophisticated as their Western counterparts. This is already the case in Japan, nearly the case in Korea, and China is gaining on these by the day.

To timepiece collectors, the rise of Chinese manufacturing capability is both beneficial and frightening. The goal of this wiki is to present a balanced perspective on the global issues which result from the rise of the Chinese watchmaking industry and eventually become a comprehensive resource of Chinese timepiece and movement manufacturers, distributors, and products. This wiki is intended to be a collaborative effort, so you are invited to contribute, edit and expand it according to your own research and expertise. Thanks for your interest, and thanks for your contributions!

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